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The podcast for mystics and misfits. Through stories and interviews, Tamara takes listeners behind the veil of psychology to a place where neuroscience and spirituality go hand in hand.
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Oct 29, 2018

She was just 19 when she woke up debilitatingly ill at age 19 and it took 17 years to find a proper diagnosis. Now Joanna Charnas says, "My body may be out of control but I am in control of how I take care of it." Learn tips and tools for living well with chronic illness or how to best care for someone who is from a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who truly gets it. 

In this podversation:

  • The day Joanna woke up debilitatingly ill at age 19 which became a 17-year struggle to get properly diagnosed
  • Finding relief through meditation and other mindfulness and holistic health and wellness practices
  • The importance of maintaining an existential perspective rooted in gratitude
  • Learning to temper optimism with reality to best support clients and loved ones who are ill
  • Being willing to ask for help when needed
  • Check in on your strong friends
  • Why Joanna likes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy & Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy
  • We're all in the closet about something
  • Why it's hard for people, especially women, to assert themselves and ask for needs to be met
  • Owning your illness and not making others responsible for our needs
  • "My body may be out of control but I am in control of how I take care of it."
  • "Your pain and suffering are real, but with time, effort, and perseverance, you can still have much happiness in your life."
  • "Attitude is the king, queen, and sun god rolled into one. It's the most important thing we bring to the challenges [we face]."


Meet Joanna Charnas:

Joanna Charnas has been a clinical social worker for thirty years and holds specialties in group therapy and chronic illness.

She blogged on the HuffPost Blog for two and a half years, and had been published on several other international websites, including before authoring two books herself: Living Well with Chronic Illness, and 100 Tips and Tools for Managing Chronic Illness.

Connect with her further at:

Oct 15, 2018

"We gender when we don't need to." Exploring what it is like to be gender queer with LGBTQ educator Mason Aid including in faith, business & mental health.

Imagine if a core part of you was invisible to 99% of the world's population...

In this podversation:

  • What life was like before Mason came out as 'gender queer' including 7 in-patient hospitalizations
  • Learning important terminology for sexual and gender diversity
  • Why there's currently a reclamation of the word 'queer'
  • 'Dyke' but not lesbian ...yes, it's possible
  • Exploring the love and the pain in being queer in the church
  • "God was my beard"
  • Taking care to use gender inclusive language in business and on social media
  • Why does terminology even matter? Why are there so many labels these days?
  • How microaggressions can contribute to self-esteem issues and even self-harm
  • "Give yourself as much time to get out of the pit as it took you to get into it."
  • Mason's experiences with Bipolar disorder and seeking to break stigma surrounding mental health
  • "I was kicked out of the church and handed over to Satan"
  • How Mason came back around to a strong faith in God and community.
  • "I didn't through my faith away. The church threw me away."
  • Exploring the role wretch theology plays in self-punishment for queer Christians
  • Tips for showing respect to those who may be on the LGBTQIA+ spectrum
  • Why you're leaving money on the table if your business isn't using gender inclusive language (e.g., partner, couple, parents)

Meet Mason Aid

Mason is an LGBTQ educator and business owner who loves talking about gay stuff and having the awkward conversations we tend to shy away from. They love coffee, taking walks with their family and reading.

Connect with them further: or Podcast: All the Letters

Oct 1, 2018

"Moms stop blaming your kids for why you're not showing up for yourself" and other truth bombs from education expert and spiritual mindset coach, Anne Livingston.

...And she tries to help me try and love the words self care and self love again.

In this podversation:

  • How and why Anne jumped ship from her original job in education and then network marketing to coaching and back
  • Anne's experience with shame around network marketing
  • The power of alignment in business
  • Exploring the inner critic and where it begins
  • The role operant conditioning plays in core beliefs around parenting etc.
  • What are you modeling for your child about self care and self worth?
  • Breaking the cycle for your lineage
  • When your child is acting out, it's often because they can't communicate with you
  • The three core needs every child has: love, acceptance, and validation
  • How are you nourishing yourself - body, mind, and soul?
  • We need to let chaos happen.
  • Moms stop blaming your kids for why you're not showing up for yourself.
  • The brain loves to prove itself right; be careful with self-fulfilling prophecies and your excuses
  • Your kids are always mirroring back to you what's going on within you
  • 3 Easy Self Care Tips for Parents:
    • Have some sort of morning routine which includes moving your body in some way
    • Meditate
    • Create a list of 10 things that bring you joy that don't require money or other people
  • Some moms need their children as much as they think their kids need them which can be codependent.
  • The power in asking yourself why you wanted children & healing any stories attached
  • Anne helps me try and love the words self care and self love again.
  • What does conscious parenting look like?
    • Understanding your child has his or her own autonomy
    • You are not here to teach your child. Your child is here to teach you.
    • Your child is not here to make you feel a certain way.
  • Compersion: being happy for someone else's happiness even if it's not because of or involving you

Meet Anne Livingston:

Anne Livingston is a Spiritual Mindset Coach who teaches women the importance of self-love through self-care, in order to show up authentically in the world.

She is currently living a nomadic life, traveling the country with her 2 cats while she teaches, coaches, writes, and explores.

Connect with Anne further at: