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The podcast for mystics and misfits. Through stories and interviews, Tamara takes listeners behind the veil of psychology to a place where neuroscience and spirituality go hand in hand.
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Apr 30, 2018

"Your brain is like a 2 year old running around with knives; you don't want to leave it unsupervised." - Suzy Rosentein

Are you a woman approaching or already in midlife and you find yourself just skimming through life? When was the last time you allowed yourself to dream about the possibilities? Master Life Coach Suzy Rosentein shares how there's no time to waste if you want to regret proof your life!

In this podversation:

  • How a layoff and moving through a midlife funk literally transformed Suzy's life
  • Recognizing a 'midlife funk' and how it differs from a 'midlife crisis'
  • The need to take time out to dream again
  • #mangomoment - Suzy's wakeup call with her son
  • The three main categories of regret proofing your life - your career/ contributions, your relationships with others, and your relationship with yourself
  • Check your panty drawer girlfriend!
  • Harnessing the power of conscious subjective thought
  • "Your brain is like a 2 year old running around with knives; you don't want to leave it unsupervised."
  • Identify what you want and then strategize how to work through any obstacles
  • Take a clue from what you wanted as a kid
  • "It's not about age; it's about stage"

Meet Suzy Rosenstein

Suzy is a Master Certified Life Coach and holds a Master's Degree in Applied Social Psychology. As someone who had a great job on paper but wasted too many years feeling stuck herself, she loves helping working women who feel like life is passing them by and sense that they may have regrets if they don't make a change. She helps them get clear about what they want, start taking action and create a life they can get excited about.

Connect with Suzy further:

Website: where you can download a free ebook with 10 tips to bust out of your midlife funk

Women in the Middle Podcast: Loving Life after 50

Additional Resource:

Iconic Integration course


Apr 23, 2018

Author Jenn Taylor is mom to a tribe of 18 and knows first hand how hard it can be to overcome extreme dysfunction, violence, abuse, and neglect. She shares how to "triumph with love;" destigmatizing loving others through mental and emotional difficulties.

In this podversation:

  • Jenn explains her Tribe of 18+ and why they're not politically correct as a blended family
  • There may be a lot of wrong ways to parent but no one right way
  • The ups and downs of being a foster parent
  • Living with a no escape plan mentality
  • Jenn's experiences with being surrounded by mental and emotional struggles
  • The power of parenting with discussion rather than command
  • Helping loved ones make their own empowered choices about treatment
  • Shining a light on the stigma of parenting or loving someone with mental or emotional struggles
  • Why it's unloving to allow loved ones to stay a victim to their depression or anxiety
  • Know your limits - what we can and cannot do for others
  • Triumph with love - and why Wonder Woman had to be female
  • Jenn's book - "Hello, my name is Warrior Princess"
  • Destigmatizing loving sex after sexual abuse or assault
  • Jenn's practical way for leaving baggage outside her bedroom and sex life

Learn more about her journey and connect further at:

Apr 16, 2018

After working in finance for 8 years, Sarah Williams quit her city job and spent 18 months traveling the world, climbing Kilimanjaro, backpacking around South America and more. Now she's helping inspire women and girls across the globe to both embrace and challenge their inner tough girl!

In this podversation:

  • Why Sarah left a lucrative career to travel and find herself
  • What Sarah wishes she would've done before going full tilt
  • A look behind the glossy of Instagram
  • WAG Syndrome
  • If you can't see it, how can you become it?
  • What prompted the birth of Tough Girl Challenges and Podcast
  • Sarah's pull towards knowledge behind the women's movement and advocacy now
  • The power of turning off the white noise and tuning in to your inner dialogue
  • Sarah's big insights from climbing mountains and other extreme challenges
  • Why travel should be a bigger priority for all of us
  • Sarah gets on hot seat to share why she so loves proving other people wrong
  • Words of wisdom for getting started right where you are
  • What's still on Sarah's bucket list and what keeps her up at night

Connect with Sarah further at -

Apr 9, 2018

By combining her knowledge of criminal justice and her own healing from sex-related trauma, Brittany Whitehawk is bringing fast and lasting change for those ready to go from victim through survivor to "LIVE'R!"

In this podversation:

  • It's not always stranger danger nor are perpetrators always male
  • Common long-lasting effects/ confusions for victims of sexual abuse
  • "Literally everyone you know has been affected some way by sexual abuse"
  • The 3 Stages/ Pillars theory of healing from sexual trauma (victim, survivor, liver)
  • You don't have to go back to the trauma to heal from it
  • Shadow work = invitation to your untapped potential
  • There are no negative emotions, only potentially problematic behaviors
  • Taking your sex life back
  • The fear of the fear is worse than whatever's behind it
  • Formula for success - decide, commit, plan and execute

Additional Resources Mentioned:


Meet Brittany:

Brittany combines her clairsentience and penchant for shadow work to mentor and guide survivors of sex-related trauma. She empowers, strips fears, and builds confidence unlike any shadow work healer you've ever heard of. By combining her knowledge of Criminal Justice and her own healing from sex-related trauma, she's designed methods to get fast and lasting change for the Livers that she works with.

Connect with Brittany further:



Facebook Group:

Apr 2, 2018

First her father was violently murdered when she was sixteen. Then six year later her mother died. Timely words of wisdom on healing from trauma and violence from Angela True.

In this Podversation:

  • Angela's own story with violence and trauma
  • The life cycle of healing from an integrative perspective
  • "Travel heals trauma"
  • A cautionary tale for those wanting to offer comfort
  • Escaping the label of "trauma survivor"
  • The call for common sense legislation
  • How our emotions are trying to get our attention and ask us to DO something
  • "Legacy cannot be overemphasized"
  • Change the label and change the attachment to the trauma ...going beyond "survivor"
  • Is there a problem with the "wounded healer" phenomenon?
  • "Who were you before, who are you now, and who are you going to be?"

Meet Angela True

Angela True moved into the trauma recovery arena the ‘hard’ way, after her father was violently murdered when she was sixteen. Six year later her mother died leaving her orphaned and with no road map for trauma and grief. After years of trying a myriad of avenues to help her heal, she discovered writing a surprisingly effective form of therapy.

Now she regularly speaks, teaches and coaches on the topic of trauma and recovering after an act of violence. Angela has served as Executive Director of Non-Profits in Asia working with orphaned and disadvantaged children teaching them about resilience, identity, self esteem and self love. She served as Executive Director of Uplift Yourself a non profit mindfulness center. She currently serves as the chapter lead of Survivors Empowered helping gun violence survivors tell their stories. She works with clients one on one online or in person.

Angela is a mom of twin 13 year old boys, married to high school principal, she loves having coffee with friends, connecting with people. She loves elephants and pugs.

Connect with her further at: