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The podcast for mystics and misfits. Through stories and interviews, Tamara takes listeners behind the veil of psychology to a place where neuroscience and spirituality go hand in hand.
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Mar 26, 2018

Tina Conroy shares why and how crystals can become partners in our transformation with practical advice for beginners, intermediate, and advance practitioners alike. Bonus: insights on Ayurveda doshas, and working with prophetic dreams.

In this podversation:

  • A little on Ayurveda and a shared love of practicality when it comes to spirituality
  • Allowing your intuition to better inform your life choices
  • Tina's early experiences with psychic gifts
  • Ways of working with prophetic dreams
  • Exploring the metaphysical theory of crystals
  • How you might start to use crystals in daily living
  • "Crystals = partners in transformation"
  • The importance of giving room for preference and personality when working with crystals
  • Advice for intermediate or advance practitioners of crystal healing

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Meet Tina Conroy:

Since childhood, Tina knew that she was connected to something greater than herself. At an early age she realized that she inherited her psychic grandmother’s gift of prophetic dreams – visions that were always vivid, full of sensory detail and eventually real. Since then, Tina spent over 20 years attuning her mind and body to truly listen to that internal voice that can predict or advise and is inspired by a greater power.

Tina helps other women to strengthen their inner voice by improving mental and physical health to synchronize the mind - body connection. As an intuitive energy healer and medium, she hosts The Intuitive Woman Podcast, a weekly podcast that explores intuition. She is a yoga instructor, Reiki Master Teacher and Spiritual Coach at The Center for Wellness and Integrative Medicine at Northwell Health.

Tina works with women to develop their intuition, connect with their inner guidance and create a passionate, spiritual life.

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Mar 19, 2018

Talking psychic boundaries with Life & Soul Coach, Sandi Anderson, who just so happens to also be my aunt and fellow purple sheep in the family! She offers insight, practical tools, and rituals to decide where and how to put them in place and enforce them for adults & children alike. Plus a LIVE clearing!

In this podversation:

  • Sandi's early years as an empath
  • "You can't just develop the hide of an elephant and still walk around like a human."
  • Why years of talk therapy wasn't enough for true healing for her due to its lack of focus on spiritual realm
  • "The issues with the tissues" - how the body holds on to trauma
  • SHEN Physio-Emotional Release Therapy
  • Everyone has spiritual or psychic gifts
  • Why we all need psychic boundaries
  • "Taking care of you is YOUR responsibility and no one else's."
  • Some ways to explore where you might need a boundary
  • Your "NO" may need to change depending on situation or setting etc.
  • How parents can help children learn to set boundaries
  • "Your personal space should be sacred to you."
  • Our acceptance of others' boundary violations may end in destruction for him or her as well due to enabling
  • Ways to prevent a psychic attack or boundary violation
  • "If you want to have peace, you better BE it."
  • How to discern whether something (e.g., upsetting emotion) is yours or someone else's
  • "Our minds do not think in periods, commas, or long words. It thinks in pictures and feelings."
  • A LIVE clearing for mind, body, and spirit you can use for any area.
  • Sandi's purple duct tape method for psychic boundaries
  • Sandi's purple garbage bag or dumpster method for releasing
  • Sandi's pink or purple tornados method for clearing, especially for kids
  • "I'm not going to work with that which is not mine."
  • "Your soul is your life container that goes beyond the physical."

Meet Sandra Anderson:

Sandi is a ( Purple Sheep Aunt to Tamara) Life & Soul Coach , Integrative Multilevel Energy Healer. She describes her mission is to encourage, inspire, empower others to know their Truth, to hear the voice of their Soul, and to embrace the Best life possible.

Connect with Sandi further:

Mar 12, 2018

Suzanne Anderson is a change agent for women change makers. As a psychologist, author, executive coach, speaker and transformational facilitator she has dedicated the past 15 years of her career in leadership development to decoding an embodied, integral and accelerated pathway to awaken consciousness and leadership capacity in women.

In her global online programs and retreats she guides women to do the deep work of upgrading their inner operating systems and becoming a match for these complex times. She is the co-author of the award-winning book The Way of the Mysterial Woman: Upgrading How you Live, Love and Lead.

In this podversation:

  • Why Suzanne felt pulled to both research and write a book on balancing the divine feminine and masculine energies in a woman's life
  • Culture's profound shift from a hyper-masculine focus back around to one that invites integration with the feminine
  • What is the shadow and how do we work with it?
  • Why the use of archetypes allow us to dive into the unconscious/ subconscious/ shadow


The 5 archetypes of the Mysterial Path and each limiting belief as well as each liberating belief

  • The Mother (static yin energy) - "I am not enough" becomes "I am enough just as I am"
  • The Hero (dynamic yang energy) - "I have to do to be of value" becomes "I am empowered to do what is mine to do"
  • The Father (static yang energy) - "I do not belong" becomes "I am at home in myself and naturally belong"
  • The Maiden (dynamic yin energy) - "I am not free to express myself fully" becomes "I am free to express my true nature"
  • The Crone (synthesis) - "I don't have enough knowledge, connections, or influence" becomes "I am a channel or evolving source of wisdom, love and power"

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Mar 5, 2018

What could make a young woman choose to breed roaches for a living? How curiosity and a passion for ensuring each customer enjoys his or her experience allowed Jess Rosen to disrupt a billion dollar industry.

In this podversation:

  • How Jess came to breed roaches and other creepy crawlers
  • The analogy and symbolism of "living in the edges" and edge species
  • Jess' advice for anyone considering becoming a breeder
  • How her client-centered focus on "making buying roaches fun" translated into $$
  • The power and purpose in keeping the core values of the mission paramount as she scaled
  • Jess's grandfather's legacy as a founding father of the Poconos tourism boom
  • Why Jess focuses on attraction marketing
  • Embracing life's challenges and plot twists
  • "Once you make a decision, you have to back up that decision with all of your other decisions."
  • The growth edge/ spiritual lesson Jess is wrestling with
  • Not forgetting to care for the woman within/ "There's a difference between your role and your soul."
  • "Take the time to find out what you love and then spend as much time as you can doing that."

Meet Jess Rosen

Jessica is a mother of two and the owner of The Laughing Lizard Company - a small business that produces and sells live insects. She loves nature, live music, cooking, sewing, learning, metaphysics, and philosophy.

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