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The podcast for mystics and misfits. Through stories and interviews, Tamara takes listeners behind the veil of psychology to a place where neuroscience and spirituality go hand in hand.
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Dec 10, 2018

"If all you do is read a book, your shit is still gonna show up at happy hour!" Learn the sneaky half-truths that can often keep us from TRUE self-care from John Hopkins professor and executive leadership coach, Sharon Podobnik-Peterson. 

In this podversation:

  • Why Sharon describes herself as "values driven and multi-passionate"
  • How her journey in the field of education has shifted over the years
  • The sneaky half-truths that can often keep us from true self-care
  • True self-care is so much more than bubble baths
  • It's not self-care if it's not moving you towards something (e.g., self-love, better leadership etc.)
  • Don't wrap your stress up in glitter. #sugarcoatedshit #shitastic
  • The reason female relationships tend not to be as healthy as their male counterparts
  • The power in asking those you care about, "How can I love on you right now?"
  • Key differences between spiritual entertainment and spiritual enlightenment
  • If all you do is read a book, your shit is still gonna show up at happy hour! #shitonalist & #stopdescribingyourshit
  • Most people have several awakenings in life (i.e., revalari - Latin word for revelation)
  • Living a eulogy life vs. a resume life

Tips for getting started with effective and practical self-care

  • Therapist first to figure out your past shit
  • Then a coach to figure out what's going on now (i.e., current shit)
  • Only after those first two, add in helpful supplements like books, meditation, journaling etc.
  • Rinse and repeat as needed
  • #nosugarcoatedsolutions

Meet Sharon Podobnik-Peterson:

Sharon is an executive leadership coach, adjunct professor of education at Johns Hopkins, and the founder of Go Love Yourself - THE #1 PERSONAL GROWTH SUBSCRIPTION BOX FOR WOMEN.

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Nov 26, 2018

"The Enneagram doesn't put you in a box; it shows you the box you're already in and the way out." - Havilah Siegmann shares why and how this tool can change your life!

In this podversation:

  • Interested in the Sanctuary I mentioned in the intro? Click here.
  • The Enneagram is NOT a religious tool but can be awesome for spiritual growth too.
  • Some of Havilah's experiences as a Type 4/ the Romantic or the Individualist on the Enneagram
  • How the Enneagram provides insight on both the nature and nurture aspects of "personality"
  • "The Enneagram doesn't put you in a box; it shows you the box you're already in and the way out."
  • The danger in over-simplifying the Enneagram and not pushing through to the transformational piece
  • An introduction/ overview to all 9 types
  • Be careful not to type/ diagnose your loved ones
  • What are tritypes and how do they work?
  • Pay closest attention to where you go in stress and why
  • Should you start with an assessment to figure out your type?

Additional Resources:

Meet Havilah Seigmann

As a raised in Evangelical-land girl, Havilah was full of faith and questions, and always reading. A former music teacher, Havilah now uses her teaching skills not only to lead others into deeper explorations of themselves, but also to break up fights and teach her three children how not to throw things at each other. She loves to gather people around her table, make beautiful things, and to explore new places with her family.

Havilah started The Transformation Collaborative, an online place to share inspiration and encouragement. She creates and produces the Little Faith Podcast, a podcast about how to be good humans for ourselves and our littles while living in the middle of doubt.

You can connect with her on Instagram @transformation_collaborative and @littlefaithpodcast, on Twitter @havilahjoys and on Facebook @transformationcollaborative and @littlefaithpodcast.

Nov 5, 2018

Joe has a unique story. He had been addicted to drugs at the age of 13 and was selling cocaine by the time he was 21. He had a life of ups and downs, but it wasn't until after having a massive panic attack at age 38 that he found meditation and was able to escape the pain that had been leaving him an unfulfilled life and embrace a life with more fulfillment than ever before. And now with a certificate in Spiritual Psychology, he's helping others do the same.

Unlock the power that has been holding YOU back!

In this podversation:

  • How crucial the first few months of recovery are
  • It's not just one moment, it's a series of moments that wakes us up to needed change
  • What led Joe to pretend to be suicidal when he hit bottom
  • "Until I knew why I was using drugs in the first place, I couldn't actually heal."
  • The role shame and loneliness often play in addiction and recovery
  • Why authenticity is so crucial to a healthy life
  • Becoming mindful of the power and dangers of whatever follows the words "I am _____."
  • Some of the problematic areas of 12 step, disease models of addiction and recovery
  • Toxic masculinity culture and some of the difficulties for men becoming vulnerable
  • The number one trait all genders find attractive
  • How a panic attack changed everything
  • The power of meditation and mindfulness in recovery and wellness in general
  • "The way you deal with the issue IS the issue."
  • What Joe's Spiraddict Warrior program is all about
  • "Being sober and being happy are two different things."
  • "You don't need to feel pain in order to heal."

Meet Joe Mintzer:

Joe Mintzer has been working on his inner self for some time and is in the process of creating a new type of recovery for those who are looking for a new community after the initial stages of growth.

He holds a certificate in Spiritual Psychology which he uses in his one on one coaching for survivors/addicts moving forward after the first 3-6 months of recovery.

Through his own trial and error process of his life he has learned that there is more than one path to sobriety and his mission is to tell his story in hopes of helping others heal through forgiving their past indiscretions and loving themselves with living in the present.

Connect with him further on Instagram or his website.

Oct 29, 2018

She was just 19 when she woke up debilitatingly ill at age 19 and it took 17 years to find a proper diagnosis. Now Joanna Charnas says, "My body may be out of control but I am in control of how I take care of it." Learn tips and tools for living well with chronic illness or how to best care for someone who is from a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who truly gets it. 

In this podversation:

  • The day Joanna woke up debilitatingly ill at age 19 which became a 17-year struggle to get properly diagnosed
  • Finding relief through meditation and other mindfulness and holistic health and wellness practices
  • The importance of maintaining an existential perspective rooted in gratitude
  • Learning to temper optimism with reality to best support clients and loved ones who are ill
  • Being willing to ask for help when needed
  • Check in on your strong friends
  • Why Joanna likes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy & Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy
  • We're all in the closet about something
  • Why it's hard for people, especially women, to assert themselves and ask for needs to be met
  • Owning your illness and not making others responsible for our needs
  • "My body may be out of control but I am in control of how I take care of it."
  • "Your pain and suffering are real, but with time, effort, and perseverance, you can still have much happiness in your life."
  • "Attitude is the king, queen, and sun god rolled into one. It's the most important thing we bring to the challenges [we face]."


Meet Joanna Charnas:

Joanna Charnas has been a clinical social worker for thirty years and holds specialties in group therapy and chronic illness.

She blogged on the HuffPost Blog for two and a half years, and had been published on several other international websites, including before authoring two books herself: Living Well with Chronic Illness, and 100 Tips and Tools for Managing Chronic Illness.

Connect with her further at:

Oct 15, 2018

"We gender when we don't need to." Exploring what it is like to be gender queer with LGBTQ educator Mason Aid including in faith, business & mental health.

Imagine if a core part of you was invisible to 99% of the world's population...

In this podversation:

  • What life was like before Mason came out as 'gender queer' including 7 in-patient hospitalizations
  • Learning important terminology for sexual and gender diversity
  • Why there's currently a reclamation of the word 'queer'
  • 'Dyke' but not lesbian ...yes, it's possible
  • Exploring the love and the pain in being queer in the church
  • "God was my beard"
  • Taking care to use gender inclusive language in business and on social media
  • Why does terminology even matter? Why are there so many labels these days?
  • How microaggressions can contribute to self-esteem issues and even self-harm
  • "Give yourself as much time to get out of the pit as it took you to get into it."
  • Mason's experiences with Bipolar disorder and seeking to break stigma surrounding mental health
  • "I was kicked out of the church and handed over to Satan"
  • How Mason came back around to a strong faith in God and community.
  • "I didn't through my faith away. The church threw me away."
  • Exploring the role wretch theology plays in self-punishment for queer Christians
  • Tips for showing respect to those who may be on the LGBTQIA+ spectrum
  • Why you're leaving money on the table if your business isn't using gender inclusive language (e.g., partner, couple, parents)

Meet Mason Aid

Mason is an LGBTQ educator and business owner who loves talking about gay stuff and having the awkward conversations we tend to shy away from. They love coffee, taking walks with their family and reading.

Connect with them further: or Podcast: All the Letters

Oct 1, 2018

"Moms stop blaming your kids for why you're not showing up for yourself" and other truth bombs from education expert and spiritual mindset coach, Anne Livingston.

...And she tries to help me try and love the words self care and self love again.

In this podversation:

  • How and why Anne jumped ship from her original job in education and then network marketing to coaching and back
  • Anne's experience with shame around network marketing
  • The power of alignment in business
  • Exploring the inner critic and where it begins
  • The role operant conditioning plays in core beliefs around parenting etc.
  • What are you modeling for your child about self care and self worth?
  • Breaking the cycle for your lineage
  • When your child is acting out, it's often because they can't communicate with you
  • The three core needs every child has: love, acceptance, and validation
  • How are you nourishing yourself - body, mind, and soul?
  • We need to let chaos happen.
  • Moms stop blaming your kids for why you're not showing up for yourself.
  • The brain loves to prove itself right; be careful with self-fulfilling prophecies and your excuses
  • Your kids are always mirroring back to you what's going on within you
  • 3 Easy Self Care Tips for Parents:
    • Have some sort of morning routine which includes moving your body in some way
    • Meditate
    • Create a list of 10 things that bring you joy that don't require money or other people
  • Some moms need their children as much as they think their kids need them which can be codependent.
  • The power in asking yourself why you wanted children & healing any stories attached
  • Anne helps me try and love the words self care and self love again.
  • What does conscious parenting look like?
    • Understanding your child has his or her own autonomy
    • You are not here to teach your child. Your child is here to teach you.
    • Your child is not here to make you feel a certain way.
  • Compersion: being happy for someone else's happiness even if it's not because of or involving you

Meet Anne Livingston:

Anne Livingston is a Spiritual Mindset Coach who teaches women the importance of self-love through self-care, in order to show up authentically in the world.

She is currently living a nomadic life, traveling the country with her 2 cats while she teaches, coaches, writes, and explores.

Connect with Anne further at:

Sep 17, 2018

Can someone be addicted to sex? Exploring the hot button and much debated issue of problematic sexual behavior and why we need a different approach, especially in the U.S.!


In this podversation:

  • Do labels like "sex addiction" matter?
  • Can someone be addicted to sex?
  • AASECT's position on sex addiction
  • If sex addictions exist, they are likely over-diagnosed.
  • The power in asking what is this person's relationship to the behavior rather than looking at the behavior alone
  • Why shame is such a big factor in compulsive sexual behavior
  • How so many have a fundamental lack of understanding of healthy sexuality
  • You can't pain these pictures with a broad brush; it has to be individualized.
  • Why porn often feels easier than having sex/ being intimate with a partner
  • Why so many individuals may actually want their partners to be labeled as an "addict"
  • Some of the pros and cons of an addiction model as well as 12 step programs for it
  • Why Dr. Weeks advocates for more of a harm reduction model
  • What is erotic conflict?

An erotic conflict is experienced by a person who is engaging in (or even fantasizing about) a sexual behavior that conflicts with his or her moral values or religious values. For example, a person who is attracted to sex with the same sex might experience an erotic conflict because their religious beliefs tell them that same sex attraction is wrong. Their behavior conflicts with their religious beliefs. A person who is using escorts might be experiencing an erotic conflict because breaking the law is against their personal moral values. A man who is watching pornography occasionally, a few times a month, might feel as though he has a sexual addiction or pornography addiction because his religious beliefs tell him that lust and pornography are bad. Therefore, he equates any use of pornography with addiction.

- Dr. Jennifer Weeks

  • Religious believers may actually have higher incidences of problematic sexual behavior
  • The complexity trauma adds to individuals with erotic conflict or problematic sexual behavior
  • Why Dr. Weeks and I both have empathy for sex offenders
  • Could sexual imprinting play a role in our sexual scripts, erotic conflicts, and problematic sexual behavior?
  • Educate Empower Kids
  • How pornography may contribute to erectile dysfunction
  • Why the U.S.'s poor sexual education programs are creating long lasting sexual issues
  • Starving ourselves into problematic sexual behaviors (due to lack of intimacy)
  • "Sex 'addiction' is NOT about sex; it's an intimacy disorder"

Meet Dr. Jennifer Weeks

Dr. Jennifer Weeks is the founder and director of Sexual Addiction Treatment Services, an out-patient treatment program for out of control sexual behavior.

She has over twelve years experience treating all aspects of addiction, trauma and addiction, sexual addiction, and sex offenders. Jennifer is a Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist- Supervisor, Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor, a Licensed Professional Counselor and has a Ph.D. in Psychology.

Dr. Weeks is the author of the blog, Dr. Jen’s Recovery Readings as well as the prevention book, The New Age of Sex Education: How to Talk to Your Teen about Cybersex and Pornography in the Digital Age.

In addition to her clinical work, Dr. Weeks provides continuing education training for therapists and lectures at addiction conferences throughout the US.

Connect with her further at:

Sep 3, 2018

Her story sounds like a Lifetime movie: abuse, rape, homelessness, exotic dancing, drugs, grief and loss, and a suicide attempt. But that's when EVERYTHING shifted. Hear how a spiritual awakening brought Jessica Valor the purpose and the passion she knew she was meant for.

In this podversation:

  • Jessica's rough start in life (e.g., childhood abuse, rape as a teenager)
  • How she found herself homeless and couch surfing for about a year
  • Jessica's introduction to the world of exotic dancing and cocaine
  • Her wake up call and return to education
  • Exploring deep wounds which may or may not be associated with stripping
  • Listening to your soul longings for more
  • The story of Mikey, a platonic soul mate, whose love and later death affected Jessica deeply
  • Spiritual partnerships and their power to transform us
  • "He witnessed my wholeness when I could not"
  • "Friendship is the insurance that everything's always going to be okay"
  • How a suicide attempt and near death experience changed EVERYTHING
  • "Never go through grief alone"
  • Jessica's process towards spiritual integration and reopening to her psychic gifts
  • "Journey of Souls" by Michael Newton
  • "Wherever you go is where you are" - embracing the archetype of healer
  • "Healing is interchangeable with evolution."

Meet Jessica:

Jessica Valor is an inspirational speaker, healer and mentor who delivers her programs to thousands of women and men entrepreneurs every year on the topics of conscious leadership, intuitive intelligence and personal development. Jessica is a clear and powerful conduit for high-level spirits.

She awakened to the strengths of her clairvoyant, healing gifts in 2011 after her own "near-death experience" where she visited heaven, met with a council of ascended masters and returned to life to help the world heal and move through ascension.

She works with change leaders all over the world offering a transformational and transcendental experience through her speaking, mentoring and energy healing academy. She has worked with thousands of entrepreneurs and spiritual seekers who are committed to their purpose and vision by helping them embody their power and understand their gifts.

Jessica lives in Atlanta, GA with her fur baby, Monji who she adores. When not inspiring thousands of leaders she is found as a domestic Goddess cooking, creating rituals, practicing yoga and of course singing and dancing to her favorite songs. She loves helping her clients rise to their highest potentials and building the foundation of #teamlove to help those in need.

Connect with her further at: or at Love Your Life podcast

Aug 13, 2018

Exploring the ins and outs of loving or working with male survivors of sexual abuse, trauma, or violence with Dr. Debra Warner who understands both sides extremely well.

In this podversation:

  • How Debra came to choose forensic psychology as a specialization
  • Why Debra wrote the book: "His History, Her Story: A Survival Guide for Spouses of Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse and Trauma"
  • Facing the stigma of race/ ethnicity for people of color and therapy
  • The power of simply listening to a man who is willing to open up or disclose, however how small
  • "Men can't talk until they have a plan."
  • The important distinction between trauma and abuse
  • "Abuse happens but not everyone will manifest symptoms the same way."
  • Why does society treat male victims of sexual abuse more harshly?
  • Common unhelpful coping mechanisms in men who have been sexually abused or assaulted
  • Why male victims of sexual abuse or assault aren't usually believed if and when they do disclose
  • What is trauma bonding and why is it harmful?
  • Quit trying to rescue or fix the man in your life.
  • The damage inflicted when children are taught that their bodies aren't their own and the various ways this can happen
  • When you are a walking trigger for your man's issues
  • The power in learning to separate the trauma from the man
  • Wrestling with the decision to stay or go


Meet Dr. Debra Warner

Dr. Debra Warner is a forensic psychologist currently serving as Professor for The Chicago School of Professional Psychology's Psy.D. program.

She's well known for her work with the Department of Homeland Security, the LA Police Department, the Department of Defense, the Department of Corrections, and more.

Since 2015 she has been a regular co-host of the weekly syndicated radio show Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) on Blog Talk Radio with Bill Murray. Dr. Warner’s clinical practice focuses on male survivor issues of abuse, violence and trauma.

And her new book, "His History, Her Story: A Survival Guide for Spouses of Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse and Trauma," is a must read for clinicians and survivors alike. It provides a comprehensive guide to navigating sexual abuse and trauma in men.

Jul 30, 2018

Do you even know WHY you hold onto the belongings that you do? Former therapist Michael Spencer explains how Home Energy Purification can assist soulful people in releasing attachments to accumulated belongings and experiencing greater freedom in ALL areas of life.

In this podversation:

  • Michael's journey from accounting to counseling to home energy purification
  • "Home energy purification is NOT minimalism unless you want it to be."
  • Is there energy stored in objects?
  • "If it's still in your basement somewhere, you're still saying yes to it."
  • What leads us to hold onto/ hoard/ collect these items we may not even want anymore?
  • The correlation and overlap between shadow work and home energy purification
  • How families hand down "rules" about what's even safe to let go of
  • A beautiful idea for your used wedding dress
  • More on Michael's intuitive process and "first answer = best answer"
  • How to respect those we live with as we seek to move through the release process
  • The way our emotional baggage is reflected in our physical baggage
  • The power of ceremony and ritual to release old energy patterns (sorting, clarifying, releasing)
  • Why Michael doesn't use the word PURGE
  • The process on the way to the trash can with an object is where the transformation takes place
  • The difference(s) between Michael's process and the well-known KonMari Method
  • Why YOU should consider going through your house and purifying

Connect with her further:


Podcast: Home Energy Purification Stories

Jul 16, 2018

Women in leadership are at their best when we quit trying to lead like men (because that is how we have been taught to lead) and start to lead how women have been leading successfully for generations. 

In this podversation:

  • We tend to treat leadership as if its a one size fits all approach and that may not work for women
  • How cancer for Ros provided a wake up call and new perspective on leadership
  • Are there incongruencies between the way we treat men and women in leadership?
  • The struggle when a woman ties her self worth to her competence
  • Ros' exploration of tribal societies and the way women lead and connect there
  • Can we be both liked and successful?
  • Ros breaks down the neuroscience behind the differences between the way men and women lead
  • The world of business is constructed by alpha males for alpha males
  • 3 types of motivation: the need for achievement, affiliation, or power
  • Ros' leadership archetypes for women
  • A queen doesn't worry if others don't recognize her sovereignty
  • The power in owning your individual strengths and doing life and business YOUR way
  • Own the goddamn room - bringing quality and not stressing quantity

Meet Ros Cardinal

When she was growing up, Ros wanted to be a vet or a scientist, but her fascination with human behaviour and neuroscience led her to a career in Organisational Development, specialising in improving business outcomes by developing individuals, teams and organisations.

After more than 20 years in corporate human resources and organisational development roles, a successful battle with cancer gave Ros the nudge to take her passion for transforming leaders and improving how individuals and organisations cope with change, in a new direction.

Leaving her senior corporate role in 2012, Ros established her consulting business, Shaping Change, to achieve her goals. Her inspirational business story was featured in the 2014 book “Australian Entrepreneur.”

Ros is a solutions and results oriented facilitator, with expertise spanning strategic planning, leadership development, organisational culture, change management, emotional intelligence, and employee engagement. She is also an internationally awarded, talented executive and leadership coach, with current coaching clients at Executive and Senior levels in Government agencies, private enterprise and the community sectors.

Ros is a keen writer and in addition to her book, The Resilient Employee, and her own blog, she contributes regular articles to Leaders in Heels, The Huffington Post, Thrive Global and for “People Development” Magazine.

Connect with Ros further at any of the links above or on social media:


Ros' FB Group for women - "The Art & Science of Female Leadership: Women's Leadership Archetypes"

Jul 9, 2018

She's an incredibly decorated Navy officer and she's on a mission to bring solution focused and super practical empowerment not only to the sailors and submariners attached to Command Submarine Squadron 11 out in San Diego, CA but to the rest of us as well. 

LCDR Jamie Sorenson is the author of “Why You Tried to Kill Yourself” which is soon to be a series of fictional books decreasing stigma surrounding psychological and emotional distress as well as the intersection between spirituality and sexuality. 

In this podversation:

  • Why Jamie chose the Navy and then the field of psychiatric nursing
  • Is there stigma around mental health in the military?
  • How Jamie uses education to normalize common issues her service members face
  • Exploring the 87% reduction in unplanned losses Jamie has helped bring about in her squadron
  • Key issues military members face
  • "Pain is what helps us grow."
  • What should mental health workers know about working with military members?
  • The Give An Hour program and other resources
  • Why Jamie chose to write the book and also why she included LGBTQ issues
  • The harm of reparative therapy for same sex attractions
  • Finding social support for everyone from Mormons to Satanists and everything in between
  • The intersection between spirituality and mental health
Jun 4, 2018

How former psychotherapist turned coach, Megan Hale, lost her religion but reclaimed her faith after the death of a close friend at 23 and the realization that, "It was never about being worthy for God; it was about being worthy for the translation in which God was being delivered to me." Time for an Enoughness Revolution!

In this podversation:

  • Megan's journey to becoming a psychotherapist then coach and why she feels her work is more powerful now on the other side
  • Why Megan left organized religion
  • "It was never about being worthy for God; it was about being worthy for the translation in which God was being delivered to me."
  • How a friend's death at 23 evoked an existential quest
  • What "Wild & Holy" means for her
  • The books that helped light the path for Megan through her spiritual crisis: "The Art of Power" by Thich Nhat Hanh, "The Alchemist" by Paolo Coelho, "The Celestine Prohecy" by James Redfield and "Love Warrior" by Glennon Doyle Melton
  • "Love each other enough to hold space for differences"
  • Why anger was the door to healing and spiritual re-connection
  • "Every single part of you gets a seat at the table."
  • The power in asking yourself, "Who am I being in the world and why?"
  • Be careful of what you say after the words "I AM ____."
  • Are you okay with repelling people? Why you should be!
  • How if you don't claim your 'enoughness,' you end up stifling your much needed energy
  • "Love is unconditional but relationships are not."
  • "The double edged sword of bravery is that you're exquisitely aware when you aren't practicing it."

Meet Megan Hale

Megan Hale is a former psychotherapist, a relationship & leadership coach, and the founder of Wild & Holy™ - a vibrant community of therapists, coaches, helpers, and healers intentionally creating their own breakthroughs so they can show up braver and help others have their own.

She's the podcast host of The Enoughness Revolution - a conversation on worthiness and Wild & Holy Radio - a conversation on cultivating deep bravery.

Through group programs, retreats and 1:1 coaching she guides others to their truth and helps them learn to trust it so they can lead, love, and live braver.

Connect with her further at:

May 29, 2018

Want better sex? Licensed sex therapist and couples’ counselor, Jessa Zimmerman, shares the 5 biggest pitfalls to great sex based on research and ways couples can change them.

In this podversation:

  • #1 - Issues with Sexual Desire and the multiple ways this shows up
  • "The partner with the lower drive controls the spigot"
  • Start with the assumption that "The person who wants sex less has really good reasons for it" and they need to be explored.
  • The difference between proactive and reactive responses to desire
  • We need to expand our definition of sex ..."Let's just go to the playground and decide what we want to do when we get there"
  • The Mojo Interactive Sex Questionnaire for Couples
  • #2 - Neglect
  • The need for couples to have frequent and consistent rituals
  • #3 - Distraction
  • How mindfulness and tantric practices can aid present focus and sex
  • "Settle your stuff at the door and pick it up later"
  • #4 - Avoidance
  • "Play YOUR cards first" i.e., reveal how you're thinking and feeling and own your part first
  • #5 - Negativity verging on hostility
  • "You can stop the bleeding on your own"
  • The sacredness of intimacy and why Jessa prefers "openness" over "vulnerability"

Meet Jessa Zimmerman

Jessa Zimmerman is a licensed sex therapist and couples’ counselor. She specializes in helping couples who have a good relationship but who are avoiding sex because it’s become stressful, negative, disappointing, or pressured.

She educates, coaches, and supports people as they go through her 9-phase experiential process that allows them real world practice in changing their relationship and their sex life.

She does this work through in person therapy in her office in Seattle, online therapy for Washington residents, her Better Sex podcast, and her soon to be published book aimed at helping couples who are avoiding sex.

Connect with her further at:

May 21, 2018

Everything in the universe has a mathematical signature to it; a unique algorithm for ideal optimization of health, wellness, or efficiency. What if you could literally send the formula for what you need right to the place where you need it with no negative side effects? Enter Dr. Kathy Forti and Trinfinity8.

In this podversation:

  • Article on Schumann Resonance
  • Dr. Forti's trip beneath the Egyptian pyramids
  • Kathy's book "Fractals of God: A Psychologist's Near-Death Experience and Journeys into the Mystical"
  • Her beginning in journalism and how experiences at the Ronald McDonald House changed her life path
  • How a young girl from São Paulo provided a spiritual wake up call
  • The near death experience that brought about Dr. Kathy Forti's new spiritual abilities and the start of the Trinfinity8 healing system
  • Everything in the Universe has a mathematical signature to it; a unique algorithm
  • Kathy's first out-of-body experience
  • "Life is too important to take so seriously"
  • The Founders - beings of light who channeled complex information to Kathy to create Trinfinity8
  • Lost Civilization of Atlantis & the Temple Beautiful
  • The Trinfinity8 healing system based on transmitting sacred mathematics to the body through pure quartz crystal rods
  • Trinfinity8 App

Meet Kathy Forti

Dr. Kathy Forti is a clinical psychologist with over 25 years-experience in the mental health care field.

She is the developer of the Trinfinity8 healing technology based on transmitting mathematical coded information to the body through pure quartz crystal rods.

Dr. Forti is the author of the book Fractals of God: A Psychologist’s Near-Death Experience & Journeys into the Mystical. She is also an experienced remote viewer and an Ancient Egyptian Mystery School teacher who leads annual healing trips thru the sacred temples of Egypt.

May 14, 2018

Marian Bacol-Uba describes the underbelly of race and trauma as an Asian American woman in business, including what it's like to have an intense and life changing spiritual awakening after a near-death experience.

In this podversation:

  • Why we don't often see Asian Americans in media, especially women
  • Marian's experience with "family guilt" in Asian culture growing up
  • Why Marian came forward about her intense childhood sexual abuse and the destructive aftermath
  • Her spiritual awakening after a near-death experience at age 28
  • The journey to the opposite side of the country and also inward for Marian
  • 3 different states of consciousness when it comes to trauma
  • The power of conscious healing and living
  • How working with her inner child played a strong role in Marian's healing path
  • Marian's experiences with past lives and the possibility certain lessons get re-lived
  • The sacredness of Self


Meet Marian Bacol-Uba:

Marian Bacol-Uba is Holistic Health & Wellness Expert, Transformational Coach for Trauma Survivors, Speaker and Author of her forthcoming book “Survivor to Thriver."

She is also a Certified Pranayama and Meditation Teacher and loves creating “conscious content” on her Thriver Lifestyle Podcast and Mondays with Marian YouTube channel.

Her mission is to empower others to transform past trauma into triumphs and rediscover their own powers to heal themselves from the inside out.

Connect with her further:

May 7, 2018

Krysti Turznik stops by to explain the science and spirituality behind WHY mindset is EVERYTHING when it comes to understanding our world and our role in it. She also covers the metaphysics of "Self" and the need to step into our true power and potential!

In this podversation:

  • How the birth of her daughter prompted an existential quest
  • The beliefs that you have right now will impact generations
  • Why you can't just go through the motions with mindset work
  • Ask yourself "why?" at least 3 times
  • Your subconscious mind doesn't understand/ think in "negatives"
  • Why your subconscious mind is the TRUE master gatekeeper in your life
  • “...The world without, your external world, will always echo your world within, your inner state of being. It is your own personal hologram.”
  • How to get started changing your mindset
  • Using your feelings to build faith
  • How Krysti healed a heart condition through mindset work
  • The metaphysics of self and the need to step into our true power and potential
  • "New level, new devil"

Meet Krysti:

Krysti Turznik is a motivational speaker who shows people how to shine light on their shadows, understand that mindset is everything, and to show up as a powerful creator in their lives so they can create a life they don’t need to escape from where every day can feel like a day at the beach.

She inspires and equips people with practical tools and the desire to etch away rough edges and implement personal changes required to live a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life.

Krysti’s #1 best-selling book, Mindset Magic: Using Scientific & Spiritual Principles to Create Your Life, has been endorsed by Michael Bernard Beckwith.

She holds a Master Degree in Metaphysics, Bachelor of Science Degrees in Biology and Metaphysics, is an ordained minister, and a consulting hypnotist who has been helping people improve their lives for nearly two decades. Krysti lives in Wisconsin with her husband, daughter, and four cats.

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Apr 30, 2018

"Your brain is like a 2 year old running around with knives; you don't want to leave it unsupervised." - Suzy Rosentein

Are you a woman approaching or already in midlife and you find yourself just skimming through life? When was the last time you allowed yourself to dream about the possibilities? Master Life Coach Suzy Rosentein shares how there's no time to waste if you want to regret proof your life!

In this podversation:

  • How a layoff and moving through a midlife funk literally transformed Suzy's life
  • Recognizing a 'midlife funk' and how it differs from a 'midlife crisis'
  • The need to take time out to dream again
  • #mangomoment - Suzy's wakeup call with her son
  • The three main categories of regret proofing your life - your career/ contributions, your relationships with others, and your relationship with yourself
  • Check your panty drawer girlfriend!
  • Harnessing the power of conscious subjective thought
  • "Your brain is like a 2 year old running around with knives; you don't want to leave it unsupervised."
  • Identify what you want and then strategize how to work through any obstacles
  • Take a clue from what you wanted as a kid
  • "It's not about age; it's about stage"

Meet Suzy Rosenstein

Suzy is a Master Certified Life Coach and holds a Master's Degree in Applied Social Psychology. As someone who had a great job on paper but wasted too many years feeling stuck herself, she loves helping working women who feel like life is passing them by and sense that they may have regrets if they don't make a change. She helps them get clear about what they want, start taking action and create a life they can get excited about.

Connect with Suzy further:

Website: where you can download a free ebook with 10 tips to bust out of your midlife funk

Women in the Middle Podcast: Loving Life after 50

Additional Resource:

Iconic Integration course


Apr 23, 2018

Author Jenn Taylor is mom to a tribe of 18 and knows first hand how hard it can be to overcome extreme dysfunction, violence, abuse, and neglect. She shares how to "triumph with love;" destigmatizing loving others through mental and emotional difficulties.

In this podversation:

  • Jenn explains her Tribe of 18+ and why they're not politically correct as a blended family
  • There may be a lot of wrong ways to parent but no one right way
  • The ups and downs of being a foster parent
  • Living with a no escape plan mentality
  • Jenn's experiences with being surrounded by mental and emotional struggles
  • The power of parenting with discussion rather than command
  • Helping loved ones make their own empowered choices about treatment
  • Shining a light on the stigma of parenting or loving someone with mental or emotional struggles
  • Why it's unloving to allow loved ones to stay a victim to their depression or anxiety
  • Know your limits - what we can and cannot do for others
  • Triumph with love - and why Wonder Woman had to be female
  • Jenn's book - "Hello, my name is Warrior Princess"
  • Destigmatizing loving sex after sexual abuse or assault
  • Jenn's practical way for leaving baggage outside her bedroom and sex life

Learn more about her journey and connect further at:

Apr 16, 2018

After working in finance for 8 years, Sarah Williams quit her city job and spent 18 months traveling the world, climbing Kilimanjaro, backpacking around South America and more. Now she's helping inspire women and girls across the globe to both embrace and challenge their inner tough girl!

In this podversation:

  • Why Sarah left a lucrative career to travel and find herself
  • What Sarah wishes she would've done before going full tilt
  • A look behind the glossy of Instagram
  • WAG Syndrome
  • If you can't see it, how can you become it?
  • What prompted the birth of Tough Girl Challenges and Podcast
  • Sarah's pull towards knowledge behind the women's movement and advocacy now
  • The power of turning off the white noise and tuning in to your inner dialogue
  • Sarah's big insights from climbing mountains and other extreme challenges
  • Why travel should be a bigger priority for all of us
  • Sarah gets on hot seat to share why she so loves proving other people wrong
  • Words of wisdom for getting started right where you are
  • What's still on Sarah's bucket list and what keeps her up at night

Connect with Sarah further at -

Apr 9, 2018

By combining her knowledge of criminal justice and her own healing from sex-related trauma, Brittany Whitehawk is bringing fast and lasting change for those ready to go from victim through survivor to "LIVE'R!"

In this podversation:

  • It's not always stranger danger nor are perpetrators always male
  • Common long-lasting effects/ confusions for victims of sexual abuse
  • "Literally everyone you know has been affected some way by sexual abuse"
  • The 3 Stages/ Pillars theory of healing from sexual trauma (victim, survivor, liver)
  • You don't have to go back to the trauma to heal from it
  • Shadow work = invitation to your untapped potential
  • There are no negative emotions, only potentially problematic behaviors
  • Taking your sex life back
  • The fear of the fear is worse than whatever's behind it
  • Formula for success - decide, commit, plan and execute

Additional Resources Mentioned:


Meet Brittany:

Brittany combines her clairsentience and penchant for shadow work to mentor and guide survivors of sex-related trauma. She empowers, strips fears, and builds confidence unlike any shadow work healer you've ever heard of. By combining her knowledge of Criminal Justice and her own healing from sex-related trauma, she's designed methods to get fast and lasting change for the Livers that she works with.

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Facebook Group:

Apr 2, 2018

First her father was violently murdered when she was sixteen. Then six year later her mother died. Timely words of wisdom on healing from trauma and violence from Angela True.

In this Podversation:

  • Angela's own story with violence and trauma
  • The life cycle of healing from an integrative perspective
  • "Travel heals trauma"
  • A cautionary tale for those wanting to offer comfort
  • Escaping the label of "trauma survivor"
  • The call for common sense legislation
  • How our emotions are trying to get our attention and ask us to DO something
  • "Legacy cannot be overemphasized"
  • Change the label and change the attachment to the trauma ...going beyond "survivor"
  • Is there a problem with the "wounded healer" phenomenon?
  • "Who were you before, who are you now, and who are you going to be?"

Meet Angela True

Angela True moved into the trauma recovery arena the ‘hard’ way, after her father was violently murdered when she was sixteen. Six year later her mother died leaving her orphaned and with no road map for trauma and grief. After years of trying a myriad of avenues to help her heal, she discovered writing a surprisingly effective form of therapy.

Now she regularly speaks, teaches and coaches on the topic of trauma and recovering after an act of violence. Angela has served as Executive Director of Non-Profits in Asia working with orphaned and disadvantaged children teaching them about resilience, identity, self esteem and self love. She served as Executive Director of Uplift Yourself a non profit mindfulness center. She currently serves as the chapter lead of Survivors Empowered helping gun violence survivors tell their stories. She works with clients one on one online or in person.

Angela is a mom of twin 13 year old boys, married to high school principal, she loves having coffee with friends, connecting with people. She loves elephants and pugs.

Connect with her further at:

Mar 26, 2018

Tina Conroy shares why and how crystals can become partners in our transformation with practical advice for beginners, intermediate, and advance practitioners alike. Bonus: insights on Ayurveda doshas, and working with prophetic dreams.

In this podversation:

  • A little on Ayurveda and a shared love of practicality when it comes to spirituality
  • Allowing your intuition to better inform your life choices
  • Tina's early experiences with psychic gifts
  • Ways of working with prophetic dreams
  • Exploring the metaphysical theory of crystals
  • How you might start to use crystals in daily living
  • "Crystals = partners in transformation"
  • The importance of giving room for preference and personality when working with crystals
  • Advice for intermediate or advance practitioners of crystal healing

Additional Resources:

Meet Tina Conroy:

Since childhood, Tina knew that she was connected to something greater than herself. At an early age she realized that she inherited her psychic grandmother’s gift of prophetic dreams – visions that were always vivid, full of sensory detail and eventually real. Since then, Tina spent over 20 years attuning her mind and body to truly listen to that internal voice that can predict or advise and is inspired by a greater power.

Tina helps other women to strengthen their inner voice by improving mental and physical health to synchronize the mind - body connection. As an intuitive energy healer and medium, she hosts The Intuitive Woman Podcast, a weekly podcast that explores intuition. She is a yoga instructor, Reiki Master Teacher and Spiritual Coach at The Center for Wellness and Integrative Medicine at Northwell Health.

Tina works with women to develop their intuition, connect with their inner guidance and create a passionate, spiritual life.

Connect with her further:





Mar 19, 2018

Talking psychic boundaries with Life & Soul Coach, Sandi Anderson, who just so happens to also be my aunt and fellow purple sheep in the family! She offers insight, practical tools, and rituals to decide where and how to put them in place and enforce them for adults & children alike. Plus a LIVE clearing!

In this podversation:

  • Sandi's early years as an empath
  • "You can't just develop the hide of an elephant and still walk around like a human."
  • Why years of talk therapy wasn't enough for true healing for her due to its lack of focus on spiritual realm
  • "The issues with the tissues" - how the body holds on to trauma
  • SHEN Physio-Emotional Release Therapy
  • Everyone has spiritual or psychic gifts
  • Why we all need psychic boundaries
  • "Taking care of you is YOUR responsibility and no one else's."
  • Some ways to explore where you might need a boundary
  • Your "NO" may need to change depending on situation or setting etc.
  • How parents can help children learn to set boundaries
  • "Your personal space should be sacred to you."
  • Our acceptance of others' boundary violations may end in destruction for him or her as well due to enabling
  • Ways to prevent a psychic attack or boundary violation
  • "If you want to have peace, you better BE it."
  • How to discern whether something (e.g., upsetting emotion) is yours or someone else's
  • "Our minds do not think in periods, commas, or long words. It thinks in pictures and feelings."
  • A LIVE clearing for mind, body, and spirit you can use for any area.
  • Sandi's purple duct tape method for psychic boundaries
  • Sandi's purple garbage bag or dumpster method for releasing
  • Sandi's pink or purple tornados method for clearing, especially for kids
  • "I'm not going to work with that which is not mine."
  • "Your soul is your life container that goes beyond the physical."

Meet Sandra Anderson:

Sandi is a ( Purple Sheep Aunt to Tamara) Life & Soul Coach , Integrative Multilevel Energy Healer. She describes her mission is to encourage, inspire, empower others to know their Truth, to hear the voice of their Soul, and to embrace the Best life possible.

Connect with Sandi further:

Mar 12, 2018

Suzanne Anderson is a change agent for women change makers. As a psychologist, author, executive coach, speaker and transformational facilitator she has dedicated the past 15 years of her career in leadership development to decoding an embodied, integral and accelerated pathway to awaken consciousness and leadership capacity in women.

In her global online programs and retreats she guides women to do the deep work of upgrading their inner operating systems and becoming a match for these complex times. She is the co-author of the award-winning book The Way of the Mysterial Woman: Upgrading How you Live, Love and Lead.

In this podversation:

  • Why Suzanne felt pulled to both research and write a book on balancing the divine feminine and masculine energies in a woman's life
  • Culture's profound shift from a hyper-masculine focus back around to one that invites integration with the feminine
  • What is the shadow and how do we work with it?
  • Why the use of archetypes allow us to dive into the unconscious/ subconscious/ shadow


The 5 archetypes of the Mysterial Path and each limiting belief as well as each liberating belief

  • The Mother (static yin energy) - "I am not enough" becomes "I am enough just as I am"
  • The Hero (dynamic yang energy) - "I have to do to be of value" becomes "I am empowered to do what is mine to do"
  • The Father (static yang energy) - "I do not belong" becomes "I am at home in myself and naturally belong"
  • The Maiden (dynamic yin energy) - "I am not free to express myself fully" becomes "I am free to express my true nature"
  • The Crone (synthesis) - "I don't have enough knowledge, connections, or influence" becomes "I am a channel or evolving source of wisdom, love and power"

Additional Resources:

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